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  • The 3 best exercises to improve your balance today! These exercises are tried, tested, and true to improve you flexiblity, strength, and overall balance
  • Self tests to assess balance and confidence approved by medicare and heavily backed by research to rate your balance 
  • The 3 most important components that inflence your balance. Hint, one of them is your inner ear, but the other two may surprise you!
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"I had physical therapy in the past and I found one on one to be much better. I am getting better results and am able to walk the mall with my daughter again! It has opened a whole new life for me" -Sally

“As a person who has fallen frequently and has ended up in the hospital for days, I can truly say that since using Daniel Davids (physical) therapy, I haven’t fallen once. I am still shaky on some exercises, but improved greatly”- Diane

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We Treat Every Patient the Way We Want Healthcare Providers to Treat Our Parents

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